What’s on?

We are launching with support for uniswap v2,v3 protocol on the Ethereum chain. At the time of alpha launch, we support the following functions:


Top 100 ERC20 tokens on Ethereum by marketcap

We picked the tokens that are traded on Uniswap and have a large amount of liquidity. These tokens follow the ERC20 expected behaviour and are commonly swapped. In the future we are adding support for all tokens on Uniswap, then all tokens on Ethereum and finally repeating the same process on different chains. Please see our timelines for more info.

Historical analysis of your trades / transfers

At the time of launch, we support a lookback window of 50K transactions. If you are a heavy user, or would like to track & analyze big wallets - please get in touch with your use-case.

ROI / PNL calculations

Self explanatory - view historical performance of any wallet e.g. the holding times, ROIs, drawdowns. Reports are also sent in a monthly newsletter.
Q3 2022

Onboard first users.

We are going to expand the number of supported tokens from 100 to 1000. Every token >$1M marketcap will be supported and tracked.
Around this time, we will also start opening up registrations and allow more users to sign up.
Q4 2022

Fully support the Ethereum blockchain.

Our main focus is to support everything on Ethereum. This process will be done in stages, with full support for DEXes coming in first.
  1. DEXes - Uniswap, Curve, Balancer, Bancor, SushiSwap
  2. Lending - Maker, Aave, Compound etc.
  3. Any other highly requested protocols
Each protocol comes with its own report and unique way of PnL / ROI calculation. We will expose our alpha API to the public.
Q2 2023

Move on to other chains.

Once we fully support Ethereum, we will start integrating other chains (with EVM chains prioritized).
  1. Binance Smart Chain
  2. Polygon, Avalanche etc.
Q4 2023

What does the future hold?

Let’s not jump so far into the future. Many things can change along the way, so please join us and look out for future updates.
We promise to add something exciting here.

How to contribute?

There are multiple ways in which you can improve Upline.

Join Us
If you like what we are building, and want to join our team - send us an email with an intro. We are currently taking open applications and are hiring for engineering, marketing and product roles. We are based in London and accept remote applications that can work in compatible time zones.
Tell us about what you are trying to do and how Upline can help you get there. We love hearing about your experiences, issues, problems that you encounter when using Upline. You can always get in touch with us on social media or our contact form.