Uniswap Performance Explorer

Trading insights from 1.5M Ethereum wallets

Explore historical trades, discover top gainers & losers, gain a data edge.

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Kickstart your research with these wallets

A sample of top performers to get your started.

Supercharge your trades

and give yourself a data-edge

Pick a winning portfolio

Pick a winning portfolio

Optimise your portfolio allocation.

Monitor top wallets

Monitor top wallets

See who is winning, when and why.

P&L reporting

P&L reporting

Full trading history and returns of every wallet.

We do the number crunching

To help you identify the next moonshot early

Performance metrics

Compare traders by their net profit, win ratio, expected gain and other metrics.

Unlimited wallets and trades

Add unlimited number of wallets and analyse unlimited number of trades.

Wallet labels

Tags that differentiate between bots, traders and long-term investors.

Monthly reporting

Receive monthly changes in your Uniswap performance.

Advanced filters

A rich collection of filters to find the appropriate wallets to analyse.


Full support for Ethereum. Support for popular L2s is coming next.

Uniswap monitoring

See data on every address that is trading on Uniswap.

Full export

Export your reports and trading history in a single click.

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